Seven bound notebooks containing church registers from the Ottoman Archives of the Prime Minister’s Office (Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivi) and the late nineteenth century survey of the Ottoman Empire prepared by French geographer Vital Cuinet for the Ottoman Department of Public Debt, as well a number of sources of more limited temporal or geographical scope have been used for the inventory as a whole.

The main sources on the Armenian cultural heritage include: the list of Armenian churches and monasteries that was prepared between 1912 and 1913 by the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul to be submitted to the Ministry of Justice and Religion (Adliye ve Mezahib Nezareti), edited and published by Aram Khaçaduri Safradsyan, and translated from Armenian into Turkish by Zakarya Mildanoğlu; Raymond Kevorkian and Paul Paboudjian’s extensive work on Ottoman Armenians; archives of Agos Weekly Newspaper; and postcards from the Calumeno collection that were published by Osman Köker.

Among the main sources on the Jewish cultural heritage that were used in this inventory are: Synagogues of Turkey, the extensive survey put together by Naim Avigdor Güleryüz in 2008; the detailed 2004 article by Süleyman Faruk Göncüoğlu about the synagogues in the Haliç neighborhood of Istanbul; various articles published in Şalom Weekly Newspaper; and İnci Türkoğlu’s 2001 dissertation on Synagogue Architecture in Turkey from Antiquity to Today.

The sources on Syriac buildings that were used primarily in this inventory are: Gabriel Akyüz’s book on the churches and monasteries around Mardin; studies on the buildings in the Tur Abdin region by Getrude Bell in 1910 and Hans Hollerweger in 1999; and Elif Keser Kayaalp’s dissertation on the church architecture in Northern Mesopotamia.

The main sources used in the Greek cultural heritage inventory are as follows: the statistical study on churches and schools from 1912 that was published by the Anatolian Greek foundation Mikrasiatis; the list dated 1870 of Greek Orthodox schools that was published by the Ecumenical Patriarchate; and Menelaos Mavridis’ 1997 book on the Byzantine Churches in Istanbul that was published in Athens in 1997.